Why are men more likely to orgasm than women in a sexual encounter?

The orgasm gap refers to the fact that, in heterosexual interactions, women have fewer orgasms than men.

Experts and studies show that as few as 55% of women are likely to have an orgasm in comparison to 95% men during a sexual encounter. This gap widens in casual hook-up situations, and is narrower in committed relationships.

So in this day and age, why does this orgasm gap exist and are you confident enough to close it?

Take the quiz below to figure out how confident a lover you are, and the steps and skills you need to learn to become better in bed.

Don’t wait for a partner to help you explore your sexuality, become your own sexpert

Woman sitting by bed in lingerie
Woman sitting by bed in lingerie

Many clients tell me they’d like to explore their sexuality, but are waiting for a partner. Some even tell me that they long to meet someone confident and adventurous who will inspire them sexually and coax them out of their shell.

While exploring with a partner is great, you might be waiting for a long time for someone to come along that is totally compatible with you sexually.

And it could possibly create pressure on the relationship if you are relying solely on the other…

Rebound sex can offer benefits after a breakup, if managed thoughtfully.

Real talk - breakups are often hard.

Even if a relationship ends mutually and on good terms, you have to adjust to life being single, and deal with a certain sense of loss. If it ends badly, there’s a whole host of other difficult emotions to deal with, anger, guilt, betrayal, disappointment and sadness.

Rebound sex can often feel like a good way to deal with these feelings, distract yourself and start moving on. Sometimes having sex with another person can be a valuable part of the healing process…

Sara Tang | Sarasense

Sara Tang is a certified sex coach and educator. She believes sex is a skill everyone can learn, and wants to help people get better in bed. sarasense.com

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